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1989 Resistance


1989: Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Development of the strategic game for the young Europeans

International educational project for young people


Events so-called Autumn of Nations – the great movement toward freedom and liberation from the yoke of communism by the Eastern European countries - were the inspiration for the creation of educational project realized in 2015.


Download here Print & Play PDF of the 1989:Resistance Board Game: 

Boards, Question Cards, Goal Cards, Berlin Wall Cards



Box cover

Rules of the locations

Attention: these materials are designed to be printed with the use of A3 color printer. 




Project coordinator: Aurea Libertas Institute

Associated partners:

- Azimut, O.Z. (Slovakia)

- "Timis-Torontal" Intercommunity Development Association (Romania)

- Ariadne Kulturnetzwerk e.V. (Germany)

Aims of the project:

* to make young people actively participate in learning about the modern history of Europe

* to develop a board game depicting the events called Autumn of the Nations, that is fall of communism in the Eastern Europe in 1989.

Participants: over 200 young people from Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Germany.


Three international meetings/events:

- 18th-20th April, 2015 in Kraków (Poland) – title: Polish movement to freedom. The fall of communism. From the Round Table to the parliamentary election in June 1989 – SUMMARY.

- 18th-20th July, 2015 in Kosice (Slovakia) – title: V for Velvet Revolution 1989. A peaceful way to freedom in Czechoslovakia – SUMMARY.

- 26th-28th September, 2015 in Deta/Timisoara (Romania) – title: Revolutions in the Autumn of Nations - revolution in Romania and Hungary in 1989 – SUMMARY.

Activities during the meetings included many traditional and unconventional methods of getting to know the history of the events of 1989:

- historical seminars about the year 1989

- meetings with witnesses

- film projections

- city tours

- photographic workshop

- board game development workshop run by professional board game editor

- Live Action Roleplaying (LARP)

- public presentation for local citizens




Result of the project: THE BOARD GAME “1989: The Year of Resistance”

The result of the project is an educational strategy board game. It may be used by every interested entities – school institutions, local authorities, non-profit organisations active in youth and civic education, as well as individuals, on the basis of open licence. The project shall be promoted by way of board game tournaments in home countries of partner organisations. What is more, the game is published as a PDF file, in order to allow everyone to download it.

About the board game:

Game for 2-4 people

The goal of the game is to gain cards which symbolize the active participation in an anti-communism opposition. To gain these cards, players must use their knowledge of 80s Eastern Europe, with a focus on the final years of this decade. The first player to gain a certain amount of cards and fulfill the requirements of his Goal card is the winner – he contributes the most towards liberating the country from communist influence.

The game takes place in fictitious communist city. Elements of this city could be found in all countries of the Eastern Block during the 1980s. The players traverse the city, visit key locations it and interact with them.

Game components: board, 110 cards, 2 die, 5 paws, 120 cardboard tokens, rulebook.

We hope, that you will find the final result interesting, amusing and instructive.

Download print & play version: THE BOARD GAME “1989: The Year of Resistance”

The Project „1989: Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Development of the Strategic Game for the Young Europeans” is realized within the framework of Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 1 "European Remembrance", co-funded by the European Union.


The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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